The table below contains pretty much everything we know right now about the history of the Mountain-Plains Philosophy Conference. If you are able to fill in any missing pieces, that would be much appreciated -- please contact Dave Beisecker and let him know!

The Mountain-Plains Philosophy Conference, 1947-Present
Year Host Institution Theme or Keynote Speaker
Source: D. Beisecker, taken from the original version of this site
1947 (11/22) University of Denver Symposium on the History and Status of Philosophy in the Mountain-Plains Region
1948 University of Colorado [unsure, possibly naturalism vs. non-naturalism]
1949 Colorado College Relations Between Theory and Practice
1950 University of Denver Philosophical Alternatives
1951 University of New Mexico Fundamental Issues in Philosophy
1952 University of Nebraska Symbols
1953 University of Utah Knowledge and Value
1954 University of Wyoming Philosophy and Culture
1955 Colorado A&M Philosophy of the Rational and the Non-Rational
1956 University of Colorado Philosophy and Politics
1957 Aspen Institute Myth and Truth
1958 University of New Mexico Ideological Struggle for Power
1959 Colorado College What Has Become of Evolution and the Genetic Method?
1960 Kansas State University The Possibilities of Analytic Philosophy
1961 University of Colorado The Philosophy of Whitehead
1962 University of Arizona Our Knowledge of Value
1963 US Air Force Academy Perception
1964 University of Nebraska Analogies
1965 Colorado State University Natural Law
1966 Oklahoma State University Philosophy of the Social Sciences
1967 Colorado College Marxism Today
1968 University of Utah Philosophy of Mind
1969 University of Denver The Philosophy of Language
1970 Kansas State University Philosophy Since 1950 (John Hospers? Carl Wellman?)
1971 University of Colorado Philosophy of Action (Richard Rorty)
1972 Wichita State University Bertrand Russell and Contemporary Anglo-American University (Leonard Linsky)
1973 (9/27-29) Colorado College Aesthetics (Darnell Rucker)
1974 (10/3-5) Oklahoma State University Kant and Contemporary Philosophy (Theodore Mischel)
1975 (9/25-27) Western State College The Philosophy of History and the Social Sciences (Alan Donagan)
1977 (4/1-3) University of Wyoming Human Rights (Kurt Baier and Jeffrie Murphy)
1978 (10/12-14) University of Colorado Contemporary Ethical Problems
1979 (9/27-92) Colorado College [uncertain -- perhaps Manuel Davenport]
1980 (10/2-4) University of Oklahoma Philosophy in the Modern World [maybe]
1981 (10/9-10) Fort Lewis College The History of Western Philosophy to 1800 [no program available]
1982 (10/7-9) University of Nebraska Method in Philosophy (Richard Brandt, Roderick Chisholm)
1983 (9/29-10/1) Weber State College [maybe] Relativism (Virgil Aldrich)
1984 Washburn University Carl Cohen ("1984")
1985 University of Wyoming Philosophy and the United States Constitution
1986 Wichita State University Philosophical Problems of Artificial Intelligence
1987 Santa Fe, NM [?] [unknown]
1988 Johnson County Community College (Overland Park, KS) Reason and Its Uses
1989 (9/28-30) Western State College Language and Communication (Henry Johnstone)
1990 Central State University John Searle [?]
1991 Colorado State University Margaret Wilson
1992 Washburn University Ronald Giere
1993 Fort Lewis College Hubert Dreyfus
1994 Creighton University James Rachels
1995 College of Santa Fe [unknown]
1996 Oklahoma State University Tom L. Beauchamp (The Distinction Between Killing and Letting Die)
1997 University of Colorado (Colorado Springs) Carol Becker
1998 University of Central Oklahoma Simon Blackburn
1999 Colorado State University Frederick Ferre
2000 Washburn University Alan Soble
2001 US Air Force Academy William Lycan
2002 University of Nevada (Las Vegas) Robert Brandom
2003 University of Wyoming Richard Rorty
2004 Fort Hays State University Marcia Eaton
2005 Fort Lewis College John Searle
2006 Washburn University Robert Kane
2007 University of Denver John Doris
2008 Fort Hays State University Ted Sider
2009 University of Nevada (Reno) Avrum Stroll
2010 Washington & Jefferson College (PA) Mark Lance
2011 University of Colorado (Denver) Mitchell Aboulafia
2012 Buena Vista University (IA) Robert Audi
2013 US Air Force Academy Marion Hourdequin
2014 University of Nevada (Reno) Lynne Rudder Baker
2015 University of Missouri (Kansas City) Martin Shuster
2016 University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Albert Casullo
2017 Weber State University Charlie Huenemann
2018 University of Colorado, Denver Matthias Steup